The Symphonic Wind Music of David R. Holsinger, Vol. 6
Group Name Rutgers Wind Ensemble
Conductor William Berz
Event Composer Series
Album ID - 2824-MCD

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Track TITLE Composer/Arranger
1 Abram's Pursuit Holsinger, David
2 The Forbarsti Tryplych, part three: The Armies Of The Omnipresent Otse Holsinger, David
3 Prairie Dances Holsinger, David
4 Von Grrrharts 613th Regimental March Holsinger, David
5 Kansas City Dances Holsinger, David
8 A Little Mystery Music Holsinger, David
9 Homage: Three Tapestries Holsinger, David
12 A Jolly Walk in Hibertland Holsinger, David
13 The War Trilogy: 1971 Holsinger, David
16 Hopak Raskolniki Holsinger, David
17 The Cluster Fluster Bluster March Holsinger, David
18 American Faces Holsinger, David

1. Abram's Pursuit
2. The Forbarsti Tryplych, part three: The Armies Of The Omnipresent Otserf
3. Prairie Dances
4. Von Grrrhart's 613th Regimental March
5. Kansas City Dances: I. Mulling at the Muehlbach
6. Kansas City Dances: II. Mr. Harry's Haberdashery
7. Kansas City Dances: III. Cattleman's Cavort
8. A Little Mystery Music
9. Homage: Three Tapestries: I. Tapestry One
10. Homage: Three Tapestries: II. Tapestry Two
11. Homage: Three Tapestries: III. Tapestry Three
12. A Jolly Walk In Hibbertland
13. The War Trilogy: 1971: I. Rebirth and Awakening: New Day One
14. The War Trilogy: 1971: II. Chorale and Dance
15. The War Trilogy: 1971: III. Fanfare: To Those Conceived in Sorrow
16. Hopak Raskolniki (A Dance For The Old Believers)
17. The Cluster Fluster Bluster March
18. American Faces