1999 Midwest Clinic - Spring H.S. Band-CD
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Album ID - 3253-MCD

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TOM BENNETT, DIRECTOR (TX), Marche Joyeuse/E. Chabrier/F. Junkin - Christmas in the Netherlands/trad. Dutch (Ny syt Wellecome, Sinterlass die goede Heer)/L. Osmon - A Grainger Set (Walking Tune/P. Grainger/L.D. Daehn - Country Gardens/P. Grainger/J.P.Sousa) - Danzas Fantasticas, Op. 22 (Exaltacion Espanola, Orgia)/J. Turina/J. Boyd - Carmen Fantaisie/G. Bizet/F. Borne/M. Rogers - Old English Suite (The Raggle Taggle Gypsies, O!, Lavender’s Blue, Dashing Away With the Smoothing Iron/M. Short - Terpsichore (Fast, Light and Lively)/B. Margolis - Solid Men to the Front/J.P. Sousa/F. Byrne - Mosaics/T. Kraner - Rhosymedre/R.V. Williams/W. Beeler - Southern Harmony (The Midnight Cry, Wondrous Love, Exhilaration, The Soldier’s Return)/D. Grantham - The Melody Shop/K. King/A. Glover