2003 Midwest Clinic - Plano Senior HS Symphony Orchestra-CD
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Album ID - 4901-MCD

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JEFF TURNER AND JEREMY KONDRAT, CONDUCTORS Hungarian March from The Damnation of Faust/H. Berlioz - New England Holiday/R. Washburn - American Tribute/Traditional/arr. K. Fishbun - It's About Time/Traditional/arr. A. McGinty - America, the Beautiful/S.Ward/arr. L. Ewing - Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana/P. Mascagni - Satchmo! A Tribute to Louis Armstrong/T. Rickets - Overture/ M. Alice Rich - Fiddles on the Fritz/T. Fritz - Allegro non troppo from Symphony No. 5/D. Shostakovich