2003 Midwest Clinic - South Salem HS Chamber Orchestra-CD
Group Name
Album ID - 4905-MCD

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RICHARD BAUER, CONDUCTOR; STEPHEN BENHAM, KARL RASCHKES, JON HARRIS-CLIPPINGER, LEROY BAUER, GUEST CONDUCTORS Themes from The Moldau/B. Smetana/arr. R. Frost - Five Pieces (I. Langsam, II. Langsam, Schnell)/P. Hindemith - Regal Procession/L. Bernofsky - Concerto in D Major/G. P. Telemann/arr. R. McCashin - Selections from The Merry Widow/F. Lehar/arr. M. Isaac - For Free America Latham/Traditional/arr. L. Burswold - Adagietto from Symphony No. 5 /G. Mahler - Festive Fiddle Dance/L. Zgonc-Girl With the Flaxen Hair/C. Debussy/arr. D. B. Monday - Finale from Suite for String Orchestra/F. Bridge Video