2013 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA): Walnut Grove MS Tenor-Bass Choir
Group Name Walnut Grove Middle School Varsity Tenor-Bass Choir
Conductor Cliff Carbone
Event 2013 TMEA
Album ID - 50489-MCD

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Track TITLE Composer/Arranger
1 Alleluia Bach, Johann Sebastian / Lefebvre, Channing
2 Sanctus Schubert, Robert / Sanchez, Noe
3 An American Quilt: III. The Yellow Rose of Texas Leavitt, John
4 An American Quilt: IV. Deep River Leavitt, John
5 An American Quilt: V. Old Dan Tucker Leavitt, John
6 Shoshone Love Song (The Hearts Friend) Emerson, Roger
7 Kuimba! Johnson, Victor C.
8 If You Were the Only Girl in the World (And I Were the Only Boy) Grey, Clifford; Ayer, Nathan D. / Carbone, Cliff; Barnaby, Nick