2016 Florida Music Educators Association (FMEA): Elementary & Middle School Choirs
Group Name Florida All-State Elementary Chorus, All-State Middle School Treble Chorus & All-State Middle School Concert Chorus
Conductor Don Ester; Jeffery Redding; Jessica Napoles
Event 2016 FMEA
Album ID - 52146-MCD

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Florida All-State Elementary Chorus
1. The Star Spangled Banner
2. Come to the Music
3. The Violet
4. Stars
5. A Song to End All War
6. Route 66
7. Climbin' Up the Mountain

Florida All-State Middle School Treble Chorus
8. The Star Spangled Banner
9. Estrella Brillante (Brilliant Star)
10. Sanctus and Benedictus
11. Like a Singing Bird
12. By the Rivers of Babylon
13. Erghen Deda

Florida All-State Middle School Concert Chorus
14. The Star Spangled Banner
15. Antiphonal Alleluia from Occasional Oratorio
16. To the Dance from Three Gypsy Songs
17. In the Heart of the World
18. I Carry Your Heart
19. Juego a que me Quemo
20. Cripple Creek
21. Beautiful City