2016 Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA): Bands
Group Name Pennsylvania All-State Wind Ensemble & Concert Band
Conductor Emily Threinen; Shannon Kitelinger
Event 2016 PMEA
Album ID - 52301-MCD

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Wind Ensemble - Emily Threinen, director
1. Sound the Bells
2. Sunrise at Angel's Gate
3. George Washington Bridge
4. Vulcan for Concert Band: I. Pon Farr
5. Vulcan for Concert Band: II. Mind Meld
6. Vulcan for Concert Band: III. Vulcan's Forge
7. The Invincible Eagle

Concert Band - Shannon Kitelinger, director
8. I. Overture from Symphony in B-flat
9. Requiem
10. Kokopelli's Dance
11. Pas Redoble