2016 Midwest Clinic: Artie Henry Middle School Honors Band
Group Name Artie Henry Middle School Honors Band
Conductor Robert Herrings; Rachel Johnstone; Cynthia Lansford; Andrew Binkhard
Guest Artists Mary Schani, clarinet; Rachel Johnstone, clarinet
Event 2016 Midwest
Album ID - 52627-MCD

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1. Imaginarium
2. Tonadillas Suite: I. El tra la la y el punteado
3. Tonadillas Suite: II. La Maja Dolorosa
4. Tonadillas Suite: III. El Majo Descreto
5. Swirling Prisms
6. Laniakea
7. Rollo Takes a Walk
8. Spirit of the Stallion
9. Clarinet Candy
10. And to All a Good Night