2004 Midwest Clinic - Northview High School Chamber Orchestra-CD
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Album ID - 5405-MCD

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TIMOTHY J. AUCOIN, CONDUCTOR, PETER F. ZERVAKOS, ERIC WHITACRE, AMOS LIU, GUEST CONDUCTORS Westward Motion/D. Spata - Dorian Waltz/J. C. Law - The Odyssey/S. H. Newbold - Serenade for Strings, Op. 20 (I. Allegro piacevole, II. Larghetto)/E. Elgar - Kabuki Dance/R. Meyer - Artemis Rising/J. Bishop - LuxAurorum (First Light)/C. Ranam/E. Whitacre - Overture to the Wind/K. Mosier - Ocee Suite/T. J. Aucoin