2005 Midwest Clinic - Dickerson Middle School 8th Grade Orchestra-CD
Group Name
Album ID - 6072-MCD

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MARION SIEVERS, CONDUCTOR, REBECCA DOSCH, ASSISTANT CONDUCTOR KIRK MOSS, MARILYN SEELMAN, PERRY HOLBROOK, GUEST CONDUCTORS Fanfare for a Hero/B. Mathews - Violet’s Tango/D. Spata - Sonata in G (I. Largo, II. Allegro)/G. P. Telemann/R. McCashin - Finale from Symphony No.1/J. Brahms/J. Bullock - Belwin Beginning String Orchestra Kit No. 1 /J. Clarke/B. Cerulli - Simple Song/R. Hultgren - Dance of the Brewster Bears/B. Phillips - Stone Mountain Stomp/C. Strommen - Serenade for String Orchestra (I. Prelude, IV. Cakewalk)/N. Leyden - Journeys in Time (I. Blues, II. Swing, III. Rock)/R. W. Smith