2005 Midwest Clinic - Walton High School Philharmonia-CD
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Album ID - 6075-MCD

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PERRY HOLBROOK, CONDUCTOR, REBECCA DOSCH, ASSISTANT CONDUCTOR MARION SIEVERS, GARLAND MARKHAM, GUEST CONDUCTORS I. Allegro Moderato from Ouverture des Nations Anciens et Modernes/G. P. Telemann - Nessun Dorma/G.Puccini/T. Ricketts - Bring a Torch/J. Isabella/arr. P. Hall - Pastoral/K. Husa - Dabbling in the Dew/S. Atwell - String Chatter/M. L. Daniels - Ancient Aires and Dances, Suite No. 3 (III. Siciliano, IV. Passacaglia)/O. Respighi - An American/W. Billings/E. D. Borgo - Concerto for Trumpet (I. Allegro, III. Allegro)/G. Stoelzel - V. Finale from Serenade for String Orchestra/A. Dvorak