2008 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Paschal Elementary & Schultz Orffestra-CD
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Album ID - 7436-MCD

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PASCHAL ELEMENTARY ORFF INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLE JOSEPH ZUROVEC, DIRECTOR Canon from Music for Children Volume I p.136 #44/C. Orff/Keetman - Mark’s Song/J. Zurovec - Maryanna’s Song/J. Zurovec - Madison’s Song/J. Zurovec - Anne Jenene/J. Zurovec - Macy’s Modal Twinkle/arr. by J. Zurovec - Paschal Signature Song - Dance from Music for Children Volume IV p.68 #31/C. Orff/Keetman SCHULTZ SHINING STAR ORFFESTRA AND DRUM ENSEMBLE JANE LAMB, DIRECTOR Rondo No. 33 from Music for Children, Vol. 1/C. Orff/Keetman - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik/W. A. Mozart/arr. J. Lamb - In the Hall of the Mountain King/E. Grieg/arr. J. Lamb - Jamaica Jam and Caribbean Sea from Island Fun with Orff and Drum/J. Lamb - Can Can/J. Offenbach/arr. J. Lamb - Double Drums from Island Fun with Orff and Drum/J. Lamb