2009 Midwest Clinic Dobie Chamber Orchestra-CD
Group Name
Album ID - 8534-MCD

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TANNER LEDFORD AND ALICE VO-MCCOY, CONDUCTORS GEORGE TATE, DR. MICHAEL ALEXANDER, BARBARA EADS, GUEST CONDUCTORS Sacagawea/B. D. Smith - Shadows in the House/T. Sharp - I. Allegro from Concerto Grosso/V. Giannini - Autumn Vows/S. Day - Basses Loaded/C. L. Gruselle - I. Allegretto from Serenade for Strings, Op. 20/E. Elgar - Tales of the Kojiki/K. Yamada - Twilight Express/D. B. Monday - October/E. Whitacre/arr. P. Lavender - Quicksilver/D. Spata - Irish Tune from County Derry/P. A. Grainger