2009 Midwest Clinic Vernon Hills High School Symphony Orchestra-CD
Group Name
Album ID - 8540-MCD

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FRANK LESTINA AND FRAN FATTA, CONDUCTORS NANCY KOCAL, RANDY SUNDELL, JENNIFER GREENWELL, KRISTI DITSCH, GUEST CONDUCTORS PATRICK SHERIDAN, TUBA SOLOIST Introduction to Act III from Lohengrin/R. Wagner - March and Reprise from Concerto Grosso/R. V. Williams - Overlords/S. O’Loughlin - Profanation from Symphony No. 1/F. Ticheli - Beale Street Blues/W.C. Handy/arr. B. Lipton - Dance from Brook Green Suite/G. Holst - Rocky Point Holiday/R. Nelson - Furiant from Vier kleine Stücke/K. Husa - Warriors of Beijing/R. Grice - Finale from Symphony No. 8, Op. 88/A. Dvorák - Fi-garo Don’t Get Around Much Anymore/G. Rossini and D. Ellington/arr. G. Pascuzzi