Group Name Mansfield University Concert Wind Ensemble
Conductor Adam F. Brennan
Album ID - 55627-MCD

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1 . Awayday

Music of the Spheres
2. Mvt I. T=0 Big Bang
3. Mvt II. The Lonely Planet
4. Mvt III. Asteroids and Shooting Stars
5. Mvt IV. Music of the Spheres
6. Mvt V. Harmonia
7. Mvt VI. The Unknown

Fort McHenry Suite
8. Mvt I. The Rockets’ Red Glare
9. Mvt II. Dimly Seen Through the Mists of the Deep
10. Mvt III. When Freemen Shall Stand

11. Heroes, Lost and Fallen

Puszta Four Gypy Dances
12. Mvt I. Andante Moder
13. Mvt II. Tranquillo
14. Mvt III. Allegro Molto
15. Mvt III. Marcato

16. The Final Covenant
17. Military Escort