The Music of Jack Stamp: Volume 1
Group Name IUP Wind Ens; Concordia Univ Wind Symph; CCM Wind Symph; Keystone Winds
Album ID - 1332-MCD

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1. Fanfare for the Great Hall

2. Chorale and Toccata

3. Jigsaw
James Houlik, tenor saxophone

4. Remembrance of Things to Come

5. Cenotaph
IUP Wind Ensemble

6. Antithigram

7. Canticle

8. Elegy for English Horn and Band
Mary Ann Fasold, english horn

9. Past the Equinox
Concordia University Wind Symphony
Richard Fischer, conductor

10. The Melting of the Winter's Snow
Crystal Stryker, soprano

11. Elegy and Affirmation

12. Gavorkna Fanfare
CCM Wind Symphony
Eugene Corporon, conductor

13. Journey Past the Unicorn

14. Love's Philosophy
Jodie Lynn Werley, soprano
Jack Stamp, vibraphone and piano

15. Daybreak for Marimba Ensemble

16. O-Zone
IUP Percussion Ensemble
Gary Olmstead, conductor