Group Name University of Texas Saxophone Choir
Album ID - 2280-MCD

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TEX SAX - SAXOPHONE CHOIR FEATURING HARVEY PITTEL, SAXOPHONE... Tex Sax is the University of Texas Saxophone choir and they are as big, bold and brassy as any ensemble on Earth! The only thing tjat could make this ensemble better would be to add Harvey Pittel...and we did!!!! Hear the power and excellence of great literature performed well. Also look for the Harvey Pittel Saxophone Super Set at 6704-MCD and receive the lowest price anywhere on all four Harvey Pittel CDs, including Volume 2 and 3 of the EMERGING AND CELEBRATED REPERTOIRE FOR SOLO SAXOPHONE AND SYMPHONY BAND (5050-MCD and 3932-MCD as well as The Harvey Pittel Saxophone Quartet - Live in Chicago (2106-MCD)... For Unto Us a Child Is Born/G.F. Handel/arr. M. Bartley Brandenberg Concerto #1 ( I. Allegro, II. Adagio, III. Allegro, IV. Menuetto, V. Polacca)/J.S. Bach/arr. B. Sparks - Brandenburg Concerto #2/J.S. Bach/arr. H. Rex - Chorale Variation (Hail to Thee Jesu Kind) (Chorale, Variation I, Moderato, Variation II, Allegro, Variation III con Moto, Variation IV Allegro, Variation V, Lento)/J.S. Bach/arr. H. Rex - Pictures of an Exhibition (Promenade-The Gnome Promenade, The Old CastlePromenade, Tuileries, Byddlo Promenade, Ballet of the Unhatched Chickens, Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle Promenade, The Market Place at Limoges, Catacombae Lingua Mortua, The Hut of Baba Yaga, The Great Gate of Kiev)/Moussorgsky/arr. W. Schmidt