Group Name University of Wisconsin - Madison Brass Quintet
Album ID - 2962-MCD

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WISCONSIN BRASS QUINTET... JOHN ALEY, RICHARD RULLI, TRUMPET; DOUGLAS HILL, HORN; WILLIAM RICHARDSON, TROMBONE; JOHN STEVENS, TUBA... This is THE Wisconsin Brass Quintet. From the University of Wisconsin - Madison, this faculty ensemble is full of outstanding music as is evident in this CD. This CD is full of musical "Images" that are sure to please your ears... Intrada-Urban Images (I. Crush Hour, II. Nocturne, III. Walk-Don’t Walk)-Magnum Mysterium for Brass Quintet (I. Invocation, II. Pastorale - Berceuse, III. Gloria, IV. Epiphany)- Concerto For Brass Quintet (I. Sennets, II. Melodia, III. Invention, IV. Romance, V. Tuckets)