1999 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) TEXAS ALL-STATE SYMPHONIC BAND
Group Name Texas All State Symphonic, Concert and 3A Symphonic Bands
Conductor Gary Green, Jack Stamp, James Keene
Album ID - 2999/3000-MCD

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THE 1999 TEXAS ALL-STATE SYMPHONIC BAND GARY GREEN, CONDUCTOR Tempered Steel - The Duke of Marlorough Fanfare - Bell Piece (Now, O Now, I Needs Must Part) - Shepherd’s Hey - Der Rosenkavalier - Niagara Falls - Rolling Thunder THE 1998 ALL-STATE CONCERT BAND JACK STAMP, CONDUCTOR SYNERGY! With Trump and Wing - Pastoral Nocturne - March with Trumpets - Elfin Thunderbolts THE 1998 ALL-STATE AAAA SYMPHONIC BAND JAMES KEENE, CONDUCTOR Children’s March “Over The Hills and Far Away” - Laude, Chorale, Variations, and Metamorphoses - Watchmam, Tell Us of the Night - Marche Slave - Folk Festival from “the Gadfly”