2000 Midwest Clinic - Memorial High School Orchestra-CD
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Album ID - 3235-MCD

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BINGIEE SHIU, CONDUCTOR Three Bagatelles (I. Giocoso, II. Chorale, III. Scherzo)/T. Fry - Symphonia de Nativitate (I. Allegro, II. Andante, III. Allegro)/Anonymous/ed. J. Blahnik - Reflexions/C. Nunez - Mozart Minuet and Rondo/W.A. Mozart/arr. J. O’Reilly - To Dance in the Fields of Glory/R. W. Smith - Winter Dances (Mvt. I, Mvt. II)/D. R. Holsinger - Summer Canvas (I. Pasquales, II. Hymn to Sibelius, III. Fuge in the Old Style)/J.T. Frazier