WNYCC 12th Annual Winter Concert 2000
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COMBINED CHOIRS Good Cheer (Festival Procession)/arr. A. Snyder - Training Choir Some One/R. Thompson - Where Go the Boars/R. Copley - One Wish/D. & J. Perry - Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie/American Folk Song/arr. M. Scott; CONCERT CHOIR, The Snow Carol (Still, Still, Still)/arr. A. Snyder - Irish Lullaby/arr. M. Scott - Winter Changes/D. Brunner - Sing A Song of Sixpence/M.D. Mendoza - Youth Chorale Dirait-on (from “Les Chansons des Roses”)/M. Lauridsen - Snowbird/G. Macl-ell/arr. A. Davidson - Polly Wolly Doodle/arr. J. Leavitt; CHAMBER CHOIR, Terly Terlow/T. Kirk - The Birds/E. Daley - Christmas Dance of the Shepherds/Z. Kodaly - Waters Ripple and Flow(Czech Folk Song)/arr. V.C. Johnson - Jingle Bell Swing/arr. D. Elliott, COMBINED CHOIRS, May the Road Rise To Meet You (An Irish Blessing)/R.E.Schram