For the Kings of Brass
Group Name Tennessee Tech Alumni Tuba Ensemble; Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble
Conductor R. Winston Morris
Event Tuba Ensemble
Album ID - 3713-MCD

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1. Diversion for Seven Clef Instruments
2. Divertimento for Tuba Ensemble: I. Invention
3. Divertimento for Tuba Ensemble: II. Melodrama
4. Divertimento for Tuba Ensemble: III. Dance
5. Divertimento for Tuba Ensemble: IV. Chorale
6. Divertimento for Tuba Ensemble: V. Toccata
7. Three Moods: I. Allegro
8. Three Moods: II. Larghetto
9. Three Moods: III. Allegro
11. Siamang Suite: I. Introduction
12. Siamang Suite: II. Song
13. Siamang Suite: III. Dance
14. Quartet for Tubas: I. Adadio
15. Quartet for Tubas: II. Andante
16. Quartet for Tubas: III. Lento
17. Quartet for Tubas: IV. Allegro Moderato
18. Ceremonial Sketch
19. Dance No. 1
20. Air for Tuba Ensemble
21. Appalachian Carol (Quartet No. 2)
22. For the Kings of Brass: I. A Stately fanfare
23. For the Kings of Brass: II. A Romantic Aria
24. For the Kings of Brass: III. An Excellent Rondo