2001 Illinois Music Educators Association (IMEA) All-State & Honors Orchestras-CD
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Album ID - 3715-MCD

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ALL-STATE ORCHESTRA JACK RANNEY, CONDUCTOR Roman Carnival Overture/H. Berlioz - The Walk to Paradise Garden/Delius/Beecham - Symphony No. 2 - Finale/Sibelius HONORS ORCHESTRA TIMOTHY RUSSELL, CONDUCTOR Rienzi Overture/R. Wagner - The Pines of Rome (Movement I, Movement II, Movement III, Movement IV)/O. Respighi - The Mystic Trumpeter (World Premier)/A. Kinney/txt ad. W. Whitman the company responds to your questions and other requests. I have been impressed with the careful attention to detail and the expediency with which they work.” - Roby G. George, Director of Bands and Wind Studies;