2001 Midwest Clinic - Moorhead Sixth Grade Orchestra-CD
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Album ID - 4002-MCD

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BRIAN COLE, CONDUCTOR ROBERT GILLESPIE & BETTY MYERS, GUEST CONDUCTORS March Heroic/E. Del Borgo - Skaters Waltz/E. Waldteufel/R. Meyer - Mountain Climbing/Traditional/R.Gillespie - One Digit Ditty/T. Sharp - Sharp Mountain/Divertimento No. 2 in D Major K/W. A. Mozart/S. Dackow - New World Symphony Theme/A. Dvorak/M. Allen - Concertino for Alto Saxophone and Young String Orchestra (I. Preparations, II. Charting the Course)/R. Peterson - Simple Square Dance/D. A. Straub - Fantasy on Greensleeves/Traditional/M. Williams - The Torch Burns Bright/L. Clark