2002 Midwest Clinic - Wichita HS East & Norman North HS Orchestras-CD
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Album ID - 4333-MCD

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INGRI FOWLER, CONDUCTOR Jig from Irish Fantasy/M. Overholt - Desperate Measures/O. Goldsmith - Scary Bass/L. Ewing - Perpetual Motion/C. Böhm/P. Hall - Serenade on a “May Day” Carol/P. La Plante/trans. T. Stone - Patriotic Bits & Pieces/arr. M. Story - Ocean Storm “La Tempesta di Mare”/A. Vivaldi/arr. T. Fritz - Deck the Goose from A Suite hristmas/arr. R. Ewing - Il Est Né/arr. C.J. Jones - Festique/M.L. Daniels - Soldier in the Rain/M. Bergman/A. Bergman/H. Mancini/J.T. Spaniola - South of the Border/Latin American Dance Suite for Orchestra (I. Prelude and Fanfare, II. Bossa Nova, III. Samba, IV. Tango, V. Finale: Viva!)/J.N. Smith - Finlandia/J. Sibelius - Fiddlers’ Contest/S. Hanson NORMAN NORTH HIGH SCHOOL SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA BRENDA WAGNER & ARTHUR LANTAGNE, CONDUCTORS Overture from Berenice/G.F. Handel/arr. W. Biegger - On A Hymnsong of Philip Bliss/D.R. Holsinger - Crusader/D. Spata - The Gettysburg Train/L. Taylor - Time Piece/S. Amundson