2002 Midwest Clinic - The U.S. Army Orchestra "Pershings Own"-CD
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Album ID - 4334-MCD

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LT COL TONY CASON, CONDUCTOR Joy from Awakening, Songs of the Earth/J. Curiale - Concerto for Flute and Harp in C Major, K 299 (I. Allegro, II. Andantino, III. Rondo-Duo L’Esperance)/W. A. Mozart - Don Quichotte à Dulcinée (I. Chanson romanesque, II. Chanson épique, II. Chanson à bouire)/M. Ravel/G. Gershwin - Symphony No. 1, Op 25 Classical in D Major (I. Allegro con brio, II. Larghetto, III. Gavotte: Non troppo allegro, IV. Finale: Molto vivace)/S. Prokofiev - God Bless America/Irving Berlin/arr. B. Healey