BCM …Saves the World
Group Name University of Nevada, Las Vegas Wind Orchestra
Conductor Thomas G. Leslie
Event Composer Series
Album ID - 4393-MCD

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Track TITLE Composer/Arranger
1 Noisy Wheels of Joy Whitacre, Eric
2 Reflections in a Tidal Pool Bonney, James
3 Interruption Overture Bryant, Steven
4 OK Feel Good Newman, Jonathan
5 Alchemy in Silent Spaces Bryant, Steven
6 Uncle Sid Newman, Jonathan
7 Cloudburst Whitacre, Eric
8 Chaos Theory Bonney, James
11 Moon by Night Newman, Jonathan
12 Monkey Bryant, Steven
13 Gawdzilla Eats Las Vegas Whitacre, Eric

1. Noisy Wheels of Joy
2. Reflections in a Tidal Pool
3. Interruption Overture
4. OK Feel Good
5. Alchemy In Silent Spaces: I. the logic of all my dreams
6. Uncle Sid
7. Cloudburst
8. Chaos Theory: Mvt. 1.0
9. Chaos Theory: Mvt. 2.0
10. Chaos Theory: Mvt. 3.0
11. Moon by Night
12. Monkey
13. Godzilla Eats Las Vegas!: Part 1
14. Godzilla Eats Las Vegas!: Part 2