2003 FMEA: All-State 8-9 Mixed Chorus & All-State 10-12 Concert Choir
Group Name Video of this performance is available as a VIDEO CD - SEE NOTES
Conductor Dr. Scott Buchanan; Sigrid Johnson
Album ID - 4424-MCD

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Video of this performance is available as a VIDEO CD.
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DR. SCOTT BUCHANAN, CONDUCTOR Awake the Trumpet�s Lofty Sound/G.F. Handel/Liebergen - Jesu, Dulcis Memoria/V. Singh - The Lord is My Shephard/A. Pote - Hal�luhu/B.E. Schiller - Banks of Doon/D.G. Schultz - Tres Cantos Nativos/arr. M. Leite - When the Trumpet Sounds/A. Thomas 2003 ALL-STATE 10 - 12 CONCERT CHOIR, SIGRID JOHNSON, CONDUCTOR Regina Coeli/W.A. Mozart - For God Commanded the Angels/F. Mendelssohn/Jennings - Ngana (from Songs of Passage)/S. Leek - Chañarcito, Chañarcito (A Thorny Bush)/C. Guastavino - Three Nocturnes (Flowering Almond Tree; Quiet Rain; Early Spring)/H. Lundvik - Ride on, King Jesus/arr. M. Hogan