Ursa (Music for Tuba By Women Composers)
Group Name Stephanie Frye, tuba; Kirstin Ihde, piano; Sarah Paradis, trombone; Brett Walter, percussion
Conductor n/a
Event Tuba
Album ID - 50760-MCD

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Track TITLE Composer/Arranger
1 URSA for tuba and wind band: I. sings to the night sky Larsen, Libby
2 URSA for tuba and wind band: II. at high noon Larsen, Libby
3 Lamento for tuba & piano Gubaidulina, Sofia
4 Sweet Dances for unaccompanied tuba: I. Blew Tango Raum, Elizabeth
5 Sweet Dances for unaccompanied tuba: II. Dot Polka Raum, Elizabeth
6 Sweet Dances for unaccompanied tuba: III. Waltzin’ Matuba Raum, Elizabeth
7 Sweet Dances for unaccompanied tuba: IV. A Hard Knight’s Day Raum, Elizabeth
8 Dyadic Affinities for tuba and electroacoustic accompaniment Srinivasan, Asha
9 Through the Tunnel for tuba and piano York, Barbara
10 Euphonisms for tuba & piano: I. Moderato Firsova, Elena
11 Euphonisms for tuba & piano: II. Vivo Firsova, Elena
12 Euphonisms for tuba & piano: III. Andante cantabile Firsova, Elena
13 Euphonisms for tuba & piano: IV. Moderato Firsova, Elena
14 The Middle Pigeons for trombone, tuba, and recorded sound McComas, Inez S.

Throughout history women composers and performers have struggled for recognition of their works. The mid-to-late 20th century represents the first period when women were recognized as having potential as performers and composers. Similarly, the tuba has been an instrument predominately played by men, with women performers not accepted as equally capable until approximately the last 40 years. As a woman tuba player I am excited to showcase talented 20th century women composers through the recording of a CD of selected works for the tuba that have not yet been recorded. Through the commissioning of two new works, by Asha Srinivasan and Inez S. McComas, I am thrilled to bring new compositions into the relatively small catalogue of music for the tuba by women composers.