2014 Florida Music Educators Association (FMEA): High School Bands
Group Name Florida All-State Concert Band & All-State Symphonic Band
Conductor Jamie L. Nix; Patrick Dunnigan
Guest Artists Christopher Aspass
Event 2014 FMEA
Album ID - 50943-MCD

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Track TITLE Composer/Arranger
1 Konigsmarsch Strauss, Richard / Barrett, Roger
2 Sleep Whitacre, Eric
3 Machu-Picchu-City in the Sky Yagisawa, Satoshi
4 Galop from Cheryomushki Shostakovich, Dmitri / Hunsberger, Donald
5 Liberty Fanfare Williams, John
6 Aurora Awakes Mackey, John
7 Candide Suite: I.The Best of All Possible Worlds Bernstein, Leonard / Grundman, Clare
8 Candide Suite: II. Westphalia Chorale and Battle Scene Bernstein, Leonard / Grundman, Clare
9 Candide Suite: III. Auto-da-fe Bernstein, Leonard / Grundman, Clare
10 Candide Suite: IV. Glitter and Be Gay Bernstein, Leonard / Grundman, Clare
11 Candide Suite: V. Make Our Garden Grow Bernstein, Leonard / Grundman, Clare
12 Let There Be Peace on Earth Miller, Sy; Jackson, Jill / Christopher, Keith

PLEASE NOTE: Due to copyrights Liberty Fanfare and Candide Suite could not be included on the DVD.