Stand Up And Cheer
Group Name Western Kentucky University Big Red Marching Band
Conductor Jeff Bright
Event Mansfield
Album ID - 50965-MCD

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Track TITLE Composer/Arranger
1 Stand Up and Cheer McNeely, Paul P.
2 Fanfare & Entrance/Stand Up and Cheer McNeely, Paul P. / Higgins
3 My Old Kentucky Home Foster, Stephen C. / Griffith
4 College Heights Bradley, Mary Francis
5 You’re a Grand Old Flag Cohan, George M. / Clark
6 The Star Spangled Banner Smith, John Stafford; Key, Francis Scott / Damrosch, Walter; Sousa, John Philip
7 Rock and Roll Glitter, Gary; Leander, Mike / Bright
8 Two in the Middle (Go Toppers!)/Stand Up and Cheer Knob, Ed; McNeely, Paul P.
9 I Don’t Wanna Stop Osbourne, Ozzy; Churko, Kevin; Wylde, Zakk / Wallace
10 Locked Out of Heaven Mars, Bruno; Levine, Ari; Lawrence, Philip / Murtha
11 Don’t Stop the Music Hermansen, Tor; Storm, F.; Eriksen; Jackson, M. / Wallace
12 Shout It Out Loud Stanley, Paul; Simmons, Gene; Ezrin, Bob / Wallace
13 Talk to Me, Dance with Me Bays, S.; DeCaro, D.; Hawley, P.; Hawthorne, D. / Wallace
14 We are Young Bhasker, J.; Dost, A.; Antonoff, J.; Ruess, N. / Wallace
15 The Pretender Grohl, D.; Hawkins, T.; Shiflett, C.; Mendel, N. / Wallace
16 Runaway Baby Mars, B.; Levine, A.; Lawrence, P.; Brown, C.S. / Wallace
17 G-11 Phat Attack Percussion Cadence Lucas, Neil
18 Hey Baby Cobb, Margaret; Channel, Bruce / Wallace
19 I Want You Back Perren, F.; Mizell, A.; Gordy, B.; Richards, D. / Sweeney
20 Bad Romance Germanotta, Stefani; Khayat, Nadir / Dawson
21 Crazy Train Osbourne, Ozzy; Rhodes, Randy; Daisley, Bob / Murtha
22 Word Up Blackmon, Larry; Jenkins, Tomi / Shepherd
23 Land of 1000 Dances Kenner, Chris; Domino, Antoine / Wallace
24 Stand Up and Cheer! McNeely, Paul P.

Big Red Marching Band
This is Western Kentucky’s first recording of its highly touted Big Red Marching Band. Lead by Dr. Gary Shallert and Dr. Jeff Bright, this ensemble has continued its growth and musical excellence.

The first band at the Western Kentucky Teachers College (WKTC) was formed in 1925 as a student organization. There were 20 members. By the next year, the band had grown to 30 members. By 1939, the band had grown to 110 members and was a regular feature at WKTC football games. The most advanced concert performing group through this period of the band’s history was called the Concert Band, now called the Wind Ensemble. Several different conductors served as past Director of Bands including: John Vincent, Hugh Gunderson, Ed Knob, Dr. David Livingston, Roger McConnell, Kent Campbell, and John C. Carmichael. Recent notable performances include concerts for the 1996, 2000, and 2004 CBDNA Southern Division Meetings, the 1996,1999 and 2003 KMEA In-Service Conferences and a 2005 trip to Russia as part of the 60th “Victory Day” Celebration.

The Big Red Marching Band has seen record setting growth over the last 5 years. The ensemble has grown to include over 230 members making it the largest marching band in the history of WKU. The Big Red Marching Band is open to any student with previous marching experience regardless of academic major. The band performs at all home football games, at selected out of town games, as well as exhibition performances at area high school marching contests.

The WKU music faculty believe that music is an essential part of life. They engage in superior solo and ensemble performances and are committed to taking students to the highest level of musicianship and citizenship.