2014 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA): C.H. Yoe HS Band
Group Name C.H. Yoe High School Band
Conductor Steven H. Moss
Guest Artists Craig George; David Rollins
Event 2014 TMEA
Album ID - 51091-MCD

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Track TITLE Composer/Arranger
1 The Star Spangled Banner Smith, John Stafford; Key, Francis Scott / Sousa, John Philip
2 Kinetic Dances Standridge, Randall D.
3 Declaration Overture Smith, Claude T.
4 IV. The Greater Milam County Armadillo Race from Hill Country Sketches Bray, Bruce
5 Symphony No. 4 Finale for Percussion Ensemble Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich / Fyffe, Daniel P.
6 The Stormchasers Sheldon, Robert