2014 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA): Navo MS Treble Choir
Group Name Navo Middle School Varsity Treble Choir
Conductor Mary Margaret Sadler
Event 2014 TMEA
Album ID - 51115-MCD

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Track TITLE Composer/Arranger
1 A Summer Love Poem Hiser, David; Giovanni, Nikki
2 How Can I Keep From Singing Lowry, Robert; Quaker Hymn / Tullock, Penny Downs
3 I’d Wed If I Were Not Too Young, No. 5 from The Minstrelsy of Ireland Cunningham, John / Trinkley, Bruce
4 My Very Heart Farnell, Laura; Garrison, Theodosia
5 You Stole My Love Macfarren, Walter C.; Munday, Anthony / Porterfield, Sherri
6 What Maiden Weeping? Johnson, Victor C.; Parker, John
7 Make Space for Life to Live Trotta, Michael John
8 The Lobster Quadrille Eddleman, David; Carroll, Lewis