Adirondack Songs
Group Name Crane Wind Ensemble
Conductor Brian K. Doyle
Album ID - 51320-MCD

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1. Spin Cycle
2. Dragon Rhyme: Mysteriously-Harmoniously
3. Dragon Rhyme: Energetically
4. Sinfonia No. 4: Allegro Deciso
5. Sinfonia No. 4: Adagio
6. Sinfonia No. 4: Vivace
7. Sinfonia No. 4: Allegro Molto
8. The Gumsuckers March
9. Mosaics
10. Raag Mala
11. Adirondack Songs: Morning at Mirror Lake
12. Adirondack Songs: Ice Storm
13. Adirondack Songs: Gathering


"The title work on this excellent recording is a combination of Garth Bardsley's poetry and Gregory Wanamaker's music providing the listener with a most engaging composition for choir and band. The Crane Wind Ensemble has been a prominent musical force for many years and the ensemble shines with a program including a pair of familiar works: the classic Sinfonia No. 4 (Walter S. Hartley) and the jaunty Gum-Suckers March (Percy Grainger/Mark Rogers). Also featured are the whirling sounds of Spin Cycle (Scott Lindroth) and Mosaics, a solid musical essay by Timothy Kramer. The concluding works are illustrations of contrasting international flavor. Raag Mala (Michael Colgrass) offers challenging instrumental displays along with the influences of East Indian classical music. Dragon Rhyme (Chen Yi) is a masterful two movement composition resplendent in lyrical & powerful sounds germinating from the basic intervals of Beijing Opera music."