2014 Midwest Clinic: Kamerorkest van de Kust
Group Name Kamerorkest van de Kust
Conductor Dirk Lievens
Guest Artists Bart Picqueur; John Clinton; 1LT Silas N. Huff
Event 2014 Midwest
Album ID - 51413-MCD

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1. Why Are You No Longer With Us?
2. The Explorers
3. Bedlam Boys
4. A Fiddler's Fancy
5. Highland Holiday
6. Grover's Corners
7. Ancient Legends: I. The Unicorn
8. Ancient Legends: II. The Minotaur
9. The Irish Baker
10. A Suite of Irish Dances
11. Dance Rhythmico
12. Fiddler on the Rocks
13. An Irish Farewell
14. Reel Irish Reels from ... Flanders