2014 Midwest Clinic: The United States Navy Band
Group Name The United States Navy Band
Conductor Capt. Brian Walden
Guest Artists Deninis Zeisler; Charles Peltz; MUCS Laura Grantier, clarinet
Event 2014 Midwest
Album ID - 51431-MCD

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Disc 1

1. The Star Spangled Banner
2. Carnival Overture
3. Winding Up/Winding Down
4. As the Wood Smoke Rises
5. Music for Prague 1968: I. Introduction and Fanfare
6. Music for Prague 1968: II. Aria
7. Music for Prague 1968: III. Interlude
8. Music for Prauge 1968: IV. Toccata and Chorale
9. Equilibrium
10. At the Summit from Eine Alpensinfonie
11. Armed Forces on Parade
12. Barnum and Bailey's Favorite

Disc 2

1. Short Ride in a Fast Machine
2. In Dahomey: A Cakewalk Smasher
3. 2nd Regiment Connecticut National Guard March
4. Decoration Day
5. Finale from Symphony No. 4
6. Armed Forces on Parade
7. The Stars and Stripes Forever
8. Barnum and Bailey's Favorite