2014 NYSSMA Zone 1: Junior High at Akron Central School
Group Name SSA Chorus; String Orchestra; SATB Chorus; Concert Band; Jazz Ensemble; Symphonic Orchestra
Conductor A. Mosner; N. Strelau; C. Johengen; C. Brenhard; B. Boyar; J. Fetter
Event 2014 NYSSMA Area All-State
Album ID - 51510-MCD

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Disc One
SSA Chorus

1. Cantate Hodie
2. For the Beauty of the Earth
3. Yo le Canto Todo el Dio
4. You are My Music
5. The Awakening

String Orchestra

6. Allegro in D from Concerto for Two Trumpets
7. October
8. Symphony No. 8
9. The Hunt

SATB Chorus

10. Mojuba
11. The Arrow and the Song
12. Come to Me O My Love
13. Bring Morning Stars
14. De Profundis

Disc Two
Concert Band

1. Variations Overture
2. Simple Gifts - Four Shaker Songs: I. In Yonder Valley
3. Simple Gifts - Four Shaker Songs: II. Dance
4. Simple Gifts - Four Shaker Songs: III. Here Take This Lovely Flower
5. Simple Gifts - Four Shaker Songs: IV. Simple Gifts
6. Adrenaline Engines

Jazz Ensemble

7. Coming Home Baby
8. Mercy Mercy Mercy
9. Samantha
10. Sneaker

Symphonic Orchestra

11. Overture to Rienzi
12. Montagues and Capulets
13. Karelia Overture, Op. 10