2014 ILMEA District 8: Junior High
Group Name Treble Chorus; Mixed Chorus; Band; Orchestra
Conductor L. Marshall; T. Havis; M. Sweeney; E. Bennett
Event 2014 ILMEA District 8
Album ID - 51544-MCD

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Combined Ensembles

1. The Star Spangled Banner

Junior Treble Chorus

2. Bonse Aba
3. O occhi manza mia
4. Swingin' with the Saints
5. The Poet Sings
6. Johnny Said, No!

Junior Mixed Chorus

7. Te Deum
8. Ahrirang
9. Dreams of Thee
10. Inscription of Hope
11. The Cuckoo

Junior Band

12. Normandy Beach
13. Silverbrook
14. Korean Folk Rhapsody
15. John Williams: Movie Adventures

Junior Orchestra

16. The Star Spangled Banner
17. Variations on a Well-Known Sea Chantey
18. On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss
19. Blue Fire Fiddler