2015 Florida Music Educators Association (FMEA): Middle School Orchestras
Group Name Florida Middle School Honors Orchestra & All-State Middle School Orchestra
Conductor Kenneth Bowermeister; John Schimek
Event 2015 FMEA
Album ID - 51612-MCD

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Florida Middle School Honors Orchestra
1. The Star Spangled Banner
2. I. Allegro from Symphony No. 1
3. Yorkshire Ballad
4. III. Johnny's Hoedown from Johnny Appleseed Suite
5. Korean Folk Song Variations
6. Danza

Florida All-State Middle School Orchestra
7. The Star Spangled Banner
8. Entrance of the Queen of Sheeba
9. Of Glorious Plumage
10. Fiesta Espagnole
11. Romanian Folk Dances: I. Jocul cu bata (Stick Dance)
12. Romanian Folk Dances: II. Braul (Sash Dance)
13. Romanian Folk Dances: III. Pe loc (In One Spot)
14. Romanian Folk Dances: IV. Buciumeana (Dance from Bucsum)
15. Romanian Folk Dances: V. Poarga Romaneasca (Romanian Polka)
16. Romanian Folk Dances: VI. Maruntel (Fast Dance)