The Music of Betsy Schramm: Arrays of Light
Group Name Mark Ponzo, trumpet
Conductor Stephen Squires
Event trumpet
Album ID - 51731-MCD

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1. Arrays of Light: I. Altair
2. Arrays of Light: II. Orion
3. Arrays of Light: III. Algol
4. Boston Inspires: I. Light Excelleth Darkness
5. Boston Inspires: II. Crucible
6. Boston Inspires: III. Boston Harbor Views
7. Light Excelleth Darkness: I. Light Excelleth Darkness
8. Light Excelleth Darkness: II. Crucible
9. Light Excelleth Darkness: III. Fair as the Moon, Clear as the Sun
10. Transformations: I. Paired Metamorphosis
11. Transformations: II. Undulating Waves
12. Transformations: III. Clarion Calls
13. Transformations: IV. Dawn Echoes
14. Transformations: V. Air
15. Transformations: VI. Tangled
16. Transformations: VII. Homage a Hindemith
17. Suite for Flugelhorn: I. Prisms
18. Suite for Flugelhorn: II. Reflections
19. Suite for Flugelhorn: III. Mirrors
20. Suite for Flugelhorn: IV. Dance
21. Luminous Duo: I. Moonbeams
22. Luminous Duo: II. Bright Suns
23. Luminous Duo: III. Starlight
24. Restless Airs: I. Restless Airs
25. Restless Airs: II. Incandescence
26. Restless Airs: III. Navigations
27. Illusions of the Masque