2015 WASBE San Jose, USA: Showa Wind Symphony
Group Name Showa Wind Symphony
Conductor Shintaro Fukumoto
Guest Artists Eugene Migliaro Corporon; Yo Goto
Event 2015 WASBE
Album ID - 51886-MCD

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1. Downey Overture
2. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
3. Kokyou: I. Warabe-Uta
4. Kokyou: II. Soushun
5. Kokyou: III. Kokyou
6. Cane River Murals: I. Spring Planting (Spiritual)
7. Cane River Murals: II. Wash Day (Scherzo)
8. Cane River Murals: III. Baptism, Wedding & Funeral (Triptych)
9. Cane River Murals: IV. Honky Tonk (Blues)
10. Cane River Murals: V. Pecan Harvest (Celebration)
11. The Earth from The Planets by Trouvere
12. Afferoce
13. A Wild Rose Above
14. Mont Fuji
15. The Ringmaster's March
16. Encore!