2015 Midwest Clinic: Southwest High School Wind Symphony
Group Name Southwest High School Wind Symphony
Conductor Stacey Dunn; Alan Hanna; Armando Vera Jr.; Dick Clardy; Jeff DeMaagd
Guest Artists Jon Manasse, clarinet
Event 2015 Midwest
Album ID - 52019-MCD

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1. I. Allegro from Symphony No. 3, Slavyanskaya
2. The Spirit of Thanksgiving
3. Don Hanna
4. Rondo from Concerto No. 1, Op. 73
5. Heavenwards
6. III. Vulcan's Forge from Vulcan
7. The Expert March
8. Nighthawk
9. The Sussex Mummers' Christmas Carol
10. Marche Hongroise: Hungarian March from The Domnation of Faust