2015 Midwest Clinic: Eastern Wind Symphony
Group Name Eastern Wind Symphony
Conductor Todd Nichols; R. Crain; W. Silvester; J. Keene; A. Warshafsky
Event 2015 Midwest
Album ID - 52025-MCD

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1. Aubrey Fanfare
2. Fiesta del Pacifico
3. Sentimentale
4. God of Our Fathers
5. Blow, Eastern Winds
6. ...At Twilight
7. Ballad for Band
8. Concerto for Tuba and Wind Ensemble: I. Soaring
9. Concerto for Tuba and Wind Ensemble: III. Riot!
10. II. Allegro from Symphony No. 10 for Symphonic Band
11. Little Suite for Band: I. Ayre
12. Little Suite for Band: II. Gigue
13. Little Suite for Band: III. Ballad
14. Little Suite for Band: IV. March
15. Whirlwind
16. The Chimes of Liberty