2016 Florida Music Educators Association (FMEA): Men's & Women's Choirs
Group Name Florida All-State Men's Chorus & All-State Women's Chorus
Conductor Sigrid Johnson; Victor C. Johnson
Event 2016 FMEA
Album ID - 52148-MCD

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Florida All-State Women's Chorus
1. The Star Spangled Banner
2. O Frondens Virga
3. Lift Thine Eyes
4. Kyrie
5. Look! Be: Leap
6. Lilacs & Rain
7. Wynken, Blynken and Nod
8. Fly, Singing Bird
9. Blessing
10. Lift Up the Name of the Lord

Florida All-State Men's Chorus
11. The Star Spangled Banner
12. Fight the Good Fight with All Thy Might
13. Gloria from The Twelfth Mass
14. Gaudete!
15. When Music Sounds
16. When I Fall in Love
17. No Time
18. Ain'-a That Good News
19. The Awakening