2016 Midwest Clinic: Palmetto Concert Band
Group Name Palmetto Concert Band
Conductor Scott Weiss; Dai Zhonghui; Paul Popiel; Cormac Cannon; Scott A. Jones
Guest Artists Rex Richardson, trumpet
Event 2016 Midwest
Album ID - 52622-MCD

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1. In This Broad Earth
2. I. Blessed Are They from A German Requiem
3. Trittico: I. Allegro maestoso
4. Trittico: II. Adagio
5. Trittico: III. Allegro marcato
6. The Black Mask
7. Wings of Apollo
8. III. Vivo, Presto, in 1 from Concerto No. 2 for Trumpet (Rextreme)
9. My Eyes Are Full of Shadow
10. Galactic Mission
11. there are no words