2017 Midwest Clinic: The United States Coast Guard Band - CONCERT TWO
Group Name The United States Coast Guard Band
Conductor LCDR Adam R. Williamson; CW04 Richard E. Wyman
Guest Artists MU1 Laura Pirruccello, flute/piccolo; MU1 Megan Weikleenget, soprano
Event 2017 Midwest Clinic
Album ID - 53031-MCD

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1. The Star Spangled Banner
2. Fanfare and Choral Op. 54a

Concertino Caboclo for Flute/Piccolo and Wind Ensemble
3. I. Iara's Song
4. II. Negrinho do Pastoreio
5. III. Caipora
6. IV. Iara's Song II
7. V. Saci-perere

8. Marche Jejune
9. Shanghai Overture
10. Ain't it a Pretty Night from Susannah
11. Traveler
12. Armed Forces Medley
13. Sleigh Ride