2018 Florida Music Education Association (FMEA): High School Honors Band & High School Honors Orchestra
Group Name Florida High School Honors Band; Florida High School Honors Orchestra
Conductor Cynthia Berry; Georgia Ekonomou
Event 2018 FMEA
Album ID - 53145-MCD

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Florida High School Honors Band - Cynthia Berry, conductor

1. Aubrey Fanfare
2. Sinfonia Noblissima
3. Grace
4. March - April - May
5. They Shall Run and Be Free

Florida High School Honors Orchestra - Georgia Ekonomou, conductor

6. Sinfonia II in D Major: I. Allegro
7. Plink, Plank, Plunk
8. Adieu
9. Choreography (Three Dances for Strong Orchestra): III. Mvmt. 3