2004 Midwest Clinic - Robinson Middle 7th & 8th Grade String Orchestra-CD
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Album ID - 5401-MCD

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CHERYL J. MYER, CONDUCTOR, JACQUELYN DILLON-KRASS, INGRI FOWLER, JULIE W. HEY, GUEST CONDUCTORS Sinfonia in D/J. Stamitz/E. Green - Four Royal Dances (II. The Lady, I. The Lord)/E. Ewazen - Sinfonia A Tre/E. A. Del Borgo - Song of Jupiter/G. F. Handel/H. Popp - A Capital Ship/C. Carryl/C. Grueselle - Burgundian Carol/D. Baker Monday - Lullaby/W. Hofeldt - Brandenburg Concerto No. 2/J.S. Bach/V. Leidig - The Coventry Carol/Traditional/P. Hall - Goblin Feast/K. Sharp - A Scottish Journey/M. Overholt - Blackberry Blossom/Traditional/G. Gackstatter