2004 Midwest Clinic - Rapid City Central HS Chamber Orchestra-CD
Group Name
Album ID - 5403-MCD

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BRUCE KNOWLES, CONDUCTOR CORAL WHITE, STEPHEN GRAM, GUEST CONDUCTORS Variations On a Theme Of Frank Bridge, Op. 10 (I. Introduction and Theme, II. March, III. Romance, IV. Aria Italiana, V. Bourree Classique)/B. Britten - Arches/S. O’Loughlin - Fanfare and Celebration/M. Hopkins - Bach Cantata, No. 99/J. S. Bach/W. Pordon - Sinfonia No. 10/F. M. Mozart - Alleluia/W. A. Mozart/J. O’Reilly - A Pirate’s Legend/S. H. Newbold - Carillon From L’Arlesienne Suite No. 1/G. Bizet/R. D. McCashin - IV. Allegro Vivace from Souvenir De Florence/P. Tchaikovsky/L. Drew - VI. Moto Perpetuo from Variations On a Theme Of Frank Bridge, Op. 10/B. Britten