Music for Euphonium Choir: Euphoniums Unlimited
Group Name Euphoniums Unlimited; Brian Bowman, euphonium; Adam Frey, euphonium; Joshua Hauser, euphonium; Jukka Myllys, euphonium
Conductor R. Winston Morris
Guest Artists Raymond Jones, narrator
Event Euphonium Ensemble
Album ID - 5543-MCD

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1. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
2. Exhibitions
3. Runnin' with Bydlo
4. Moser Cameos: Harmony
5. Moser Cameos: Bacchus
6. Moser Cameos: Tennis?
7. Moser Cameos: Thunder Shower
8. Moser Cameos: Hats
9. Lampi
10. A Little Monster Music: Hydra
11. A Little Monster Music: Nessie
12. A Little Monster Music: Fafner
13. A Little Monster Music: St. George and the Dragon
14. In the Cathedral
15. By the Waters of Babylon
16. In Memoriam (Sept. 11, 2001)
17. Euphoniums Unlimited
18. EuPhunk